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By Daniel Herndon

A weekly humor email recapping the news, and unpacking ideas. Emails drop each Friday morning.

A weekly humor email recapping the news, and unpacking ideas.
Emails drop each Friday morning.

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Good Morning, It's The Weekly Variant.

Good TweetsDon't you love technology? I had a tech win this week and this is me celebrating online.


All I want for inflation is you and some leftovers.

Every year, during this time, I sit by the fire enjoying my first cup of coffee and I take the time to do something very special to me. I close every tab that is opened in my browser. It's surely a weight lifted off my shoulders and even more-so my computer's…


Would you rather fund the roads or get hit by a bus?

Anyway - New Subject:I always want to make it clear that I am not in the political party you think I am. My political pronouns are they and them. Of course I didn't do a very good job dispelling doubt in this week's article, but... oh well. Cancel me, I guess…


Our greatest enemy is Big Bird.

Week 45 of 2021It's Infrastructure Week. President Biden has signed a 1.2 trillion dollar plan to build a bunch of stuff modernizing the USA (I'm thinking roads, transit and internet, but not sure if Comcast's customer service will improve). The bill is simil…


Do you have any strange phobias? Here's mine.

Week 44 of 2021The climate is doing okay I guess. The world's biggest photo opp took place in Glasgow earlier this week, consisting of a choir of world leaders preaching to each other about how bad Earth is getting. Private jet setting Presidents and delegate…


Correction -- Pretty sure I just saw a ghost.

I've never been trick or treating. You can read the very popular article right here.


I'm passing out Halloween candy (to you).

Week 43 of 2021Tax Bills for Billionaires. If you are rich, you could be paying taxes soon. Obviously it sucks, but don't worry. Members of congress with billionaire campaign donors likely won't vote to support the bill, or in Kyrsten Sinema's case, won't do …


Pinky swear protection + Why you can't trust advertising.

Week 42 of 2021Protecting Insurrection Pinky Swears. Former President Donald Trump is suing the January 6th Commission to keep records during his presidency secret. And folks, let's be honest, I think we can all agree that Trump is entitled to his privacy, es…


Ted Lasso, Captain Kirk + Do you want hotter takes?

Over the next few weeks, expect more of the news to be interrupted by holiday feel good stories, jokes about bloated commercialism, and some congressional tension regarding fiscal cliffs to offset the Holiday Spirit.But I want to hear from you.What do you wan…


How to crash Facebook, and make the perfect old fashioned.

Week 40 of 2021The week's most important news and links to a "reputable" source.Facebook crashed. Along with its properties like Instagram and WhatsApp, the social giant became socially distant on Monday. CEO, Mark Zuckerberg was already under pressure due to…


Biden boosters, MacGyver moments and a 3.5 trillion dollar idea!

Week 39 of 2021Here's the week's most important news. I'll link you to more information from a "reputable" news source if you don't trust me.The Government did NOT shut down, but they made a big deal about it. Fortunately for “slow news December” I’ll be able…


How bad is our healthcare? Waynes World memes and more.

Week 38 of 2021Here, I'll give you the week's most important news and link you to more information from a "reputable" news source.This is what’s up this week.The first subpoenas have been issued to Trump aids and loyalists relating to the January 6th insurrec…


What do we do about Biden's vax mandate? And more Hot Takes!

Week 37 of 2021This is where I'll give you the week's most important news and link you to more information from a "reputable" news source. So what happened this week?Vaccine mandates are still hot news. Conservatives are saying the right to make their own hea…


Should we switch to a four day workweek?

In honor of Labor Day this week I only worked four days, and I got the same amount of work done.


Why do your appliances break? I figured it out!

What do you think about all this?If you have any feedback for me, reply directly to this email. Talk soon.


Long time, no talk. I'm launching something!

Hey Friend,We haven't talked for a while! I've been busy, but now I'm committed to keeping in touch with worthy dialogue. You've likely subscribed via my marketing agency website, or recently through social posts.Either way, I appreciate you being here.What's…