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Correction -- Pretty sure I just saw a ghost.

Daniel Herndon
Daniel Herndon
I think The Lorem Ipsum is haunted.
Sorry to spook you. Something called a “mailto: link” which is basically an internet vampire caused some content to vanish from my last email like a ghost in the night. A whole section of the email was practically undead, and while it existed in the darkness of the online version, it could not see its reflection in the mirrors of your inboxes.
The key thing you missed is your trick or treat opportunity. Here’s a correction with my apologies.
Hey Friends,
It’s Halloween and I’m passing out candy.
This is a milestone week with issue #10 of The Lorem Ipsum weekly! To celebrate the Decennial of The Lorem Ipsum, I’m going to send 10 of you my favorite gummy bears from Albanese Candy (They are amazing. You can tell).
Trick or Treat? Just reply to this email and share with me what you enjoy about The Lorem Ipsum, along with where to send your treat and I’ll mail it right to your door.
Speaking of Trick or Treating. Did you know I’ve never been trick or treating in my entire life? This week’s article is very personal. First, let’s get to the news.
What happened this week? It’s been a very spooky week👻 . Facebook is haunted by Frances Haugen, A couple senators have spooked the Biden Agenda and Democrats are talking about taxing phantom earnings.
Here’s a link to the original issue where you can read my Hot Takes.

Also, this week's scary story is personal
I’ve never been trick or treating. You can read the very popular article right here.
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Daniel Herndon
Daniel Herndon @danielherndon

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