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Good Morning, It's The Weekly Variant.

Daniel Herndon
Daniel Herndon
Hey Friends,
Good morning. The omicron variant has been vexing us this week. For example, there are two instances of it in the United States. That is 0.0000000060606% of the population (approximately), so be careful. You could be next.
I think we’re all mostly done with Covid news. That’s why I decided to write about clowns and politics this week, something that most of us never get tired of.
I’ll get to that in a moment. First let’s get to The News.

Good Tweets
Don’t you love technology? I had a tech win this week and this is me celebrating online.
Daniel Herndon
Technology is so much better now than it was when I was a kid.

I just took a photo of a piece of paper with words on it and copied all the text off of it in one snap.

✔️No rebooting.
✔️No weird dos commands.
✔️No blowing on any cartridges.

It’s just worked!
Hot Takes
Week 48 of 2021
Omicron is all over the place, but just barely. There’s only been a couple cases in the US, but we’re still pretty worked up about it. Perhaps our best move is to make sure we don’t get vaccinated since there are plenty of experimental medications and untested treatments to try. Just ask Aaron Rogers. Currently, the greatest country in the world (USA) is holding at 59% fully vaccinated as the virus continues its mutation spree.
Jack Dorsey, has quit his CEO job at Twitter. The CTO is taking over. You don’t need to worry about what he’s going to do to make a living though, because he still has a job as CEO of Square, and is also a billionaire.
Ghislaine Maxwell’s job on Wikipedia is listed as “Socialite” not to be confused with Jack Dorsey’s old job in “social media”. As part of her job, she assisted Jeffery Epstein in manipulating people and ruining their lives (although she denies it). She’s on trial right now for sex trafficking and has taken the stand this week.
Chris Cuomo is suspended from CNN because he was using his media access to help his brother Andrew Cuomo who is facing charges of sexual assault. Honestly, I didn’t know they were brothers until recently, but I definitely see the family resemblance, and it has cost them both their jobs.
A bunch of people have announced a run for office this week. One of the most notable is Dr. Oz who seeks a Pennsylvania Senate seat. He believes there is no place like Washington, but his critics say his policies are a billowing bale of bovine fodder. Pay attention to that man behind the curtain… or behind the scrubs I guess.
The Supreme court is reviewing a Mississippi abortion law which bans the operation after 15 weeks, challenging the 50 year old precedent. If the review goes to full term, the gestation period of a ruling is likely to have a late June due date at the soonest, whether they like it or not. The people who knocked up the case to begin with are free either way.
That’s it for the news this week!
Okay, so what else do we have?
Well, for my article this week, I drew a picture of a clown.
If that doesn’t scare you, some of the things that have been happening in Washington these days might. I’ll explain.
Here’s The Gist.
A Party or a Circus?
Some people in congress seem to be changing the shape of Government. We’re seeing an increasing presence of what seems more like satire from our elected leaders, Like Congresswoman Boebert’s standup routine filled with hate speech, or Congressman Gosar’s cartoon killing of AOC.
They’re Fighting for the Spotlight
This is what seems to be happening in congress right now, and especially among the GOP. It may get you fired from a TJ Maxx, but in Congress it get’s you headlines. And if notoriety is the goal, it seems to be working.
I cover this as well as the fear of clowns in this week’s article.
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