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The British Invasion was better

Daniel Herndon
Daniel Herndon
Hey Friends,
Good morning, and welcome to another great Friday. If you’re reading this email, it’s because a Russian cyber attack can’t take down The Lorem Ipsum. Welcome to the 28th issue during this 8th week of 2022.
Speaking of attacks, for those of you who have been reading since the beginning, you know The Lorem Ipsum will not stand idly by when neighbors go on the offensive. I’ve taken decisive action this week. It was swift and severe.
I’ve just imposed sanctions on every neighbor in my HOA.
That’s because folks seem to be favoring an offensive approach, instead of simply sharing a beverage.
But that’s not just happening in the suburbs. It’s happening all over the world. I’ll get into that topic in just a minute.
But first let’s take a look at The News.

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Daniel Herndon
Daniel Herndon @danielherndon

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