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Welcome to you both!

Daniel Herndon
Daniel Herndon
Good morning,
I’d like to take a moment to welcome Liz Cheney as a new subscriber.
Although I guess it’s possible that “[email protected]*****.com” could arguably be someone else’s email, but it seems pretty obvious it’s her.
I’ve been thinking about her and Adam Kinzinger this week ever since their own party decided to censure them both for investigating the Capitol Riots of January 6th, which of course are now properly titled “legitimate political discourse”. Also, we can’t call the attendees “Capitol Insurrectionists” anymore but rather “ordinary citizens”, and their military like outfits are no longer “fatigues” but rather “sturdy pajamas that have several pockets”.
Anyway, welcome Liz and welcome all new subscribers! I wrote this article about you not long ago (referring to Liz, not the rest of you).
I hope you enjoy it!
Moving Along. So what happened this week?

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