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White skin and tan teeth.

Daniel Herndon
Daniel Herndon
Hey Friends,
Good morning. I managed to make it to the dentist last week.
It had only been two four(+) years since my last cleaning, it was 2017. The visit was part of an effort at refurbishing a decades old front tooth crown. I recall getting the color correct on the fake tooth material was pretty challenging. When I suggested he could soak the tooth in coffee for 25 years, the dentist declined. I guess he wanted that final payment sooner.
Needless to say, he had some tricks up his sleeve when it came to tooth coloring so we eventually got it right.
Anyway, I was so satisfied with his expertise that I didn’t come back until 2022 when an appointment suddenly appeared on my calendar.
Thank God for wives keeping us alive!
Anyway, this makes me think about the benefits of tapping into my dentist’s expertise, versus doing my own dental research. I’ll get into that topic in a second.
But first, The News.

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Daniel Herndon
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